Fees and Costs

General Fees

General Fees Cost
Copies of ADB Files $0.50 per page (plus postage)
Certificate of Disciplinary History $10.00 per certificate

Certificate of Disciplinary History Request Form

Basic Administrative Cost (see MCR 9.128)

Discipline Cases (Assessed on an Order of Discipline): Cost
Discipline by Consent Pursuant to MCR 9.115(F)(5) $750.00
All Other Orders Imposing Discipline $1,500.00
Petitions for Reinstatement (Pursuant to MRC 9.124(B)(2)): Cost
Publication Fee (Filed with AGC) $150.00
Administrative Fee (Reinsatement Petition filed with the ADB): Cost
If Suspension was Less Than 3 Years $750.00
If Suspension was Greater Than 3 Years or Revocation $1,500.00

Fee and Cost Reimbursement Instructions

Cost Payment Instructions

Reimbursement of costs incurred by the Attorney Grievance Commission and the Attorney Discipline Board is governed by MCR 9.128. Please review that rule and read the following instructions:

  1. When Payment is Due - Costs assessed in an order of discipline, or an order granting or denying reinstatement, are due on or before the date provided in the order.  An order directing the payment of costs is stayed only if the respondent seeks review and requests a stay and an automatic stay or order granting stay is issued. See MCR 9.115(K) and MCR 9.122(C). If you have any questions about the date costs are due, please contact the Attorney Discipline Board at 313-963-5553.

  2. Method of Payment - The Attorney Discipline Board is unable to accept cash payments. Payments may be made as follows: Check (including personal check) made payable to the Attorney Discipline System; Money Order made payable to the Attorney Discipline System; Visa or MasterCard (payment slip at bottom of the above Cost Payment Instruction PDF).

  3. Where to Submit Payment - Payment maybe made in person or by mail addressed to: Attorney Discipline Board, 333 W. Fort St., Ste.1700, Detroit, MI 48226. Payment by credit card may also be submitted by fax to 313-963-5571. If submitted by fax, the required information below must be legible and must include a proper signature.

  4. Certification of Non-Payment - Failure to pay the assessed costs on or before the specified date will result in the filing of a certified report of non-payment with the Supreme Court, MCR 9.128(C). Commencing on the date the certified report is filed, interest on the unpaid costs will accrue at the rates applicable to civil judgements. 

    The respondent will be suspended automatically, effective seven days from the mailing of the certified report, and until the respondent pays the costs or the Attorney Discipline Board approves a suitable plan for payment MCR 9.128(D). An attorney suspended for non-payment under MCR 9.128 is subject to the notification requirements of MCR 9.119 and the reinstatement requirements of MCR 9.123(A).