Public Access

The Attorney Discipline Board has established two YouTube channels to facilitate public access to hearings that may be held on a virtual platforrm (i.e. Zoom for Videoconferencing).

Michigan Attorney Discipline Board Channel One

Michigan Attorney Discipline Board Channel Two
Transcription and Video Recording of Proceedings
The proceedings of the Attorney Discipline Board and its Hearing Panels, whether conducted in person or via Zoom (or similar two-way interactive video technology), shall be transcribed by a court reporter certified in accordance with MCR 8.108(G). The transcript is the official record of the proceedings.

Proceedings conducted via Zoom (or similar video technology) will be live-streamed on YouTube (or a similar video-sharing platform). A video recording of a live-streamed proceeding made by such a platform will be available for public viewing for 30 days. (Links to ADB channels may be found on the ADB website; notices of hearing will contain the links.) Copies of video recordings of proceedings are not available to the public.

Adopted August 26, 2020